Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Lavender in the garden

lavender @ La Menantelliere
Last year we started to plan and make the foundations for the garden, paddock and potager at La Menantelliere. We planted 120 lavender plants, edging the formal paths leading you down to the what will eventually be the meadow area. I love lavender and there are lots and lots of varieties, I am not a lavender snob nevertheless looking back I have learnt that you do need to do some research and choose the variety and size of your plants accordingly, site and size specific!

Chateau des Pommiers
I have taken my inspiration from Chateau des Pommiers in Southern Burgundy, I can imaging walking down the path at La Menantelliere on a sunny day with a warm breeze being surrounded by the scent of the lavender bushes filling the air with fragrance. Lavender is one of the best fragrances and all around best aesthetic gifts from Mother Nature and so pretty too!

lavender shortbread
I love using the lavender from the garden in cooking, making beauty products and into pretty gifts for all my family and friends. I have used the lavender suger I made a lot in baking shortbread, fruit crumbles, cakes, rice puddings and cream.

Click below on the various links to discover lavender.

I hope you enjoy discovering the delights lavender can bring to your potager and garden.

p. s. bee's love lavender nectar!

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