Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Forgiving Night For Day

When I was in Perth WA I visited the PICA Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. Those of you who know me will not be surprised and would expect nothing less.

Jacobus Capone 'Forgiving Night For Day' exhibition was an evocative meditation piece, nostalgic, delicate and poetic, exploring how we process and express emotional states.

Below is my response to 'Forgiving Night For Day'

A new sun, a new dawn, a new day.
New bird song fresh and soaring up, filling the air with a cacophony of melodies.
With each new day, we are forgiven for the day and night before.
Yesterday’s Josie ceases to exist.
Today’s Josie exists moment by moment.
This morning’s Josie in the shower ceases to exist.
Josie eating breakfast ceases to exist.
As the day goes on Josie ceases to exist.
Every moment reborn, fresh, new, wonderful.
We are blind.
Senses, feelings, emotions our thoughts transient.
Walking and living with our eyes closed.
Forgetting to breath.
Josie’s childlike state ceases to exist.
Does Josie Exist?
Silence, stillness every day is peace.
Muses across the crease.
Are my memories real?
Have they ceased to exist!
In the past, out to grass.
Repeating patterns fingerprints and footprints everywhere we go.
Another glass of wine and another and another until nothing
There is no such thing as nothing?
There is always something!
My child like spirit sprinted through childhood wading through adulthood.
Another glass of wine.
Blue eyed Budgie baiting.
Logistics waiting.
Perverts masturbating.
Another glass of wine.
What happens when you open your conscious flow?
Like blue eyed budgie scratching around.
Soul to soul.
Be proud.
Josie Bounds 

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